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New PlumbingAs you build your new home, you are likely focused on all of those details. Plumbing should not be an after-thought.

Most everyone knows a plumber. But not many of us know a plumber that specializes in new home plumbing planning. It is important as you build your home that you hire a plumbing contractor who looks like a manager and is a good manager over their workers. The same plumber needs to have a reputation to live up to and must charge a fair price for his work.

Here are the top 3 items to review before you hire a plumber:

  1. Management of Team – It is difficult for an adult manager to manage other adults doing work on your home. It obviously has to be done in the right way or that manager will have a group of rebellious plumbers. If managed well, the workers under the contractor should follow his instructions specifically and his instructions should be coming from you mixed with his knowledge of the work he is doing.
  2. Reputation – If you do not have a reputation to live up to, you might choose to be mediocre. However, you have worked for other people and your reputation precedes you then you cannot take a chance with your reputation. People will hire others because of a bad job. Hiring a plumber with a good reputation will likely mean that it will continue as he works on your planned vision of your home.
  3. Price Comparisons – After doing some price comparisons, you should have a good idea as to what a plumbing contractor should charge you as they work on your home. Make sure that you do not choose a plumber based on cost, but be wise about it too, and use common sense. Try to hire someone who will work well no matter the amount they charge you. If you follow those guidelines, you will have a job well done and a professional you can trust for any jobs that come up in the future.